TAM 542: Mathematical Methods II

Course Descriptions:

Continuation of TAM 541. Modeling, inequalities, elements of functional analysis; partial differential equations, existence and uniqueness, second-order equations; hyperbolic conservation laws; numerical methods, eigenfunction expansions, integral transforms, and fundamental solutions; engineering applications drawn from mechanics.


The current plan is that this course will be taught in person.The situation around Covid-related restrictions on campus can of course change at any moment, and I will keep the class updated of any developments.

Schedule: Mon Wed 11:00am~12:50pm, 2035 Campus Instructional Facility

Prerequisites: MATH 241 or MATH 380; one of MATH 385, MATH 386, MATH 441

Office hours: TBA

Homework TA: TBA

TA Office hours: TBA

Supplementary texts:

  • Michael Greenberg, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Prentice-Hall

Assignments and grading policy:

Your grades will be based on homework and exams. Details will be explained in class.

Lecture Notes:

  • Add notes/lecture links from here and so on