ME 360: Signal Processing

Fall 2021; Spring 2020; Fall 2019

Course Descriptions:

Basic electromechanical techniques used in modern instrumentation and control systems. Use of transducers and actuators. Signal conditioning, grounding, and shielding. Analog and digital signal processing and feedback control methods with emphasis on frequency domain techniques. Frequency response of continuous and discrete systems.

ECE 515: Control System Theory & Design

Spring 2021; Spring 2016

Course Descriptions:

Fundamental course on feedback control systems. Basic principles, modeling, optimization and design to meet specifications.

TAM 541: Mathematical Methods I

Fall 2021; Fall 2018; Fall 2017

Course Descriptions:

Vector and tensor algebra and complex-variable methods; ordinary differential equations, qualitative questions of existence and uniqueness; analytic solution methods, numerical methods, power-series solution and special functions; eigenvalue problems, Green's functions, Laplace transforms, stability of solutions; engineering applications drawn from mechanics.

TAM 542: Mathematical Methods II

Spring 2018

Course Descriptions:

Continuation of TAM 541. Modeling, inequalities, elements of functional analysis; partial differential equations, existence and uniqueness, second-order equations; hyperbolic conservation laws; numerical methods, eigenfunction expansions, integral transforms, and fundamental solutions; engineering applications drawn from mechanics.