Stochastic Control and Its Application

a workshop dedicated to Sean Meyn's 60th birthday

Workshop at 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

Miami Beach, Florida. Dec. 16, 2018

Workshop Schedule

This workshop arose out of the interest expressed by a group of collaborators and former students of Professor Sean Meyn to celebrate Sean’s 60th birthday and honor his long-lasting contributions to the field of stochastic systems, Markov processes, networks, and control theory. Professor Meyn has made fundamental contributions to the field of decision and control for over 30 years. He has led the way in establishing a comprehensive theory for the Lyapunov stability of Markov processes and controlled Markov processes including its relationship to spectral theory and large deviations. This work has had renewed applicability to communication networks and resource allocation problems. Professor Meyn has pioneered the use of stochastic approximation techniques for reinforcement learning and simulation. This work has had significant impact in other fields as well, such as machine learning and economics. Through his work in control, visualization and performance analysis of energy markets, and more recently in decentralized control of distributed energy resources for the smart grid, he continues to have an important impact on renewable energy and large-scale control of the grid.

This workshop will bring together several of Sean’s collaborators and former students to discuss a broad range of contemporary topics in different areas of systems and control theory. All the speakers in the workshop have profited from close interactions with Sean at some point in their careers and this venue will provide them with an opportunity to share with others how this experience has enriched them as researchers and educators. The main goal of these talks is to inspire a future generation of research leaders to pursue work that promotes excellence and will thus likely have a profound impact in the field.


  • Professor Prashant Mehta (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Professor Prabir Barooah (University of Florida)


The workshop will consist of 2 morning sections and 2 afternoon sections, for a total of 6 hours. The specific times for the sessions will be arranged in coordination with the conference organizers.

Invited Speakers: